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About Propharmex

Propharmex is a specialty pharmaceutical company established with a mission to provide specialized and tailor-made pharmaceutical services to our partners in the pharmaceutical industry. With offices in Toronto (Canada) and Hyderabad (India), Propharmex has a global reach. A state-of-the-art laboratory in Hyderabad, India propels Propharmex on its mission to work on complex generics and niche products.

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To become global leader in Pharmaceutical Industry.


To Provide quality generics and develop niche products.


Driven by Science, guided by Ethics and compliance.


We help you to achieve your strategic business
objectives in the fastest possible time frame.

Pharmaceutical Development

At Propharmex, pharmaceutical development is a logical, data-driven process, where the formulation strategy is the result of an analysis

Analytical Services

Any pharmaceutical drug product being developed has to be tested for its intended use and Critical Quality Attributes.

Regulatory Services

Propharmex offers wide range of regulatory services right from the beginning of drug product development till marketing authorization and product life cycle management.

Technology Transfer

It is very important to ensure that the drug product retains the intended Critical Quality Attributes when transferred from the development lab to a commercial scale manufacturing.


Strong Networking in Global Pharma industry

to help identify the right business partner.